Connected at heart

An award-winning insurtech

Digital-first, data always

Ticker provides connected insurance (telematics), making insurance work for how people live now. We’re building the flexibility and control that customers have been asking for.

The motor insurance battleground will be won or lost in the next 10 years – if not five. The winners will be those with the most sophisticated approach to pricing and connected car data, so Ticker applies data science across pricing, underwriting, customer engagement and claims.

What separates us from other insurtechs is our forensic focus on loss ratio and unit economics. We never forget the fundamentals of a successful insurance business.

With the track record of our founding team, we know what it takes to build something that’s not just brilliant, but sustainable.


What we’ve built at Ticker draws people with a spark.

We’re all insurance experts, but we’ve developed an ecosystem that allows us to build creative products that our customers love.


Our data is connected across the business and so are our people.

Any project could have collaborators from finance, development, marketing, pricing – all coming together to look at the challenge holistically, in the exact same way we use data. It keeps us creative and connected in everything we do.


Never settle. We celebrate our achievements, then move on to the next innovation.

Our mission is to take connected insurance to a much wider market, so our product roadmap is ambitious and wide-reaching. We’re building the future of the industry.

Diversity and inclusion

Different perspectives combine to create magic. In 2020, we went remote-first and we’ve never looked back.

Offering flexibility to people from all kinds of locations and life circumstances means we can find the diverse talent we need to stay ahead.


While we’re always pushing forward, we never forget that our resilience as a team is maintained by healthy balance and emotional support.

Creativity and tenacity can only flourish in a good working environment, and we’ve invested in that from the very beginning of Ticker.

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Ticker’s leadership team

Ticker’s three pillars

Ticker was founded in 2018 by some of the biggest names in the insurance industry, with backing from the founders and our VC partners. We built the business on three pillars.


In 2019, we launched our first connected products for van and novice drivers, to address the escalating costs they were facing.

Since then, we’ve developed a product for low-mileage drivers looking for more flexibility in their insurance and a product for electric vehicles.

Our roadmap includes products for convicted drivers, drivers new to the UK and older drivers.


We’ve architectured an ecosystem that lets us design, build and launch products in rapid timescales.

At Ticker, we build everything cloud-based, so production is centralised and collaborative across the business.


At heart, Ticker is a data company. We use data across everything, so information flows freely to inform every decision.

For customer experience, that means using machine learning to continually improve our chat bots based on sentiment. In pricing, that could be combining connected car data with third-party data inputs to create a super-personalised renewal quote.

It’s all connected.

Ticker milestones

Q1 2018


Brought together a stellar team of insurance experts with a track record of success, with £4.6m of seed capital.

Q1 2019

Sold first policy

Ticker became official when the first policy for our novice driver product was sold.

Q4 2020

£10m Series A investment

Led by Eos Venture Partners, we raised £10m in Series A funding.

Q2 2021

Excellent rating on Trustpilot

Our score moved up to 4.5 stars out of 5, with customers consistently praising our service. It’s the highest rating in our peer group.

Q2 2021

GoCompare Making Insurance
Easier award

Our mission to make connected insurance work for everyone was recognised by a panel of experts, as well as customer polls and reviews.

Q3 2021

Named in the Future50 top insurtechs in Europe

20 C-level judges researched and rated thousands of insurtechs, choosing Ticker from a shortlist of 300.

Q1 2022

£100 million of policies sold to date

After three years and three products, Ticker has achieved £100m of revenue since launch.

Q4 2022

Six connected products live

By the end of the year, we’ll have propositions for novice drivers, van drivers, low-mileage drivers, convicted drivers, drivers new to the UK and electric vehicles.